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As an active consumer of natural health alternatives in the past I have struggled to find therapists online and have resulted to word of mouth and the occasional leaflet I’ve found – which as a consumer I found frustrating.

More people are turning to natural health as a lifestyle and health choice and in turn the need to access and make contact with practitioners has increased. In order to bring therapists and services to a wider market Natural health near me has been designed to help put services and customers in touch with ease.

Alternative health in most cases is based on ancient practices with a modern outlook but unfortunately the many talented people practicing and helping people are hard to find especially if they have no presence on the internet.

After setting up practice myself as a nutritional therapist I was struggling to find a reasonably priced website that I could list my services on. With a back ground in Public relations and marketing I also knew that any service I signed up to needed to be proactive online with google searches and analytics to enable my services to be found.

So the answer was Natural health near me – to help promote natural health services online and allow people to find services easily.