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Our website is a marketing and advertising tool to help drive business and enquires for your services.

The site has been designed to offer a range of options to suit your business needs and budgets.  The basis of the website is to allow smaller companies in the holistic market to be found more easily by people seeking their services.

From the free listings options through to the silver and gold packages every listings benefits from its own profile page. Your profile page can include essential links to your website and contact details making it quick and easy for people to contact you.

Each profile page can include your logo, unlimited text about your company, images and videos demonstrating your services, your social media links and any other information you feel helps promote your business to potential clients.

Small companies have a danger of getting lost on the internet unless the searcher is specific on what they are looking for. For small companies being part of something bigger is a great way to have more exposure online.

The website and its content have been put together with search engines in mind, in this way the site is SEF (Search Engine Friendly). This is to ensure that it is visible to a wide audience of potential customers that the website can be found easily via web search engines. Users who may be interested in your services will also be directed to this website via Google and Facebook advertising.